• Downtown City

    Modern Outlook

    Colorful High-Rise Residences & Bridge Spans along the City's Northern border
  • Historic Architecture

    Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center

    One-of-a-kind historic downtown River District
  • River Backdrop

    Great Calusa Blueway

    World-Class Canoe & Kayak Locations on the Caloosahatchee River
  • Public Buildings

    City Pier

    City-Owned Buildings available as locations
  • Night Scenes

    Hendry Street

    Downtown streets & courtyards provide unforgettable evening shots
  • Subtropical Parks

    Riverfront Centennial Park

    Memorable Public Art & Stunning Views

City of Fort Myers Easy Film Permitting

The Fort Myers Film Office is pleased to offer easy film permitting in the City of Fort Myers, Florida.

Before you get started, keep in mind that you can always contact the Fort Myers Film Office with any overall area or resource questions:

Fort Myers Film Office/Fort Myers CRA
ATTN: Natalie S. Dunham, Marketing & Promotions Manager
1400 Jackson Street Fort Myers FL 33901
Phone: (239) 321-7101
Alt. Phone (239) 321-7099
Fax: (239) 344-5911
Email: filmfortmyers@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE: The Fort Myers Film Office covers film permitting within the City of Fort Myers, Florida, City Limits only. To check if your intended filming location is within our City Limits, click the map linked here or ask when you request a film permit.

DO NOT ASSUME that an address is located within the City of Fort Myers City Limits; sometimes addresses are listed as "Fort Myers" by the post office when they are in fact situated outside the actual City Limits.

For your convenience, we have also included information for regional location permitting far below.

Click on titles below for quick access to:

Fort Myers Filming Permits

Regional Filming Permits
State Property, State Roads, or Federal Property Permits

Fort Myers Filming Permits

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Does my Film Shoot require a Permit?

  • Within the City of Fort Myers City Limits, film permits for filming in public streets are required when a production will block public access or need a street closure, or when police and/or fire services are needed.

  • If you would like to rent one of the City's facilities, please view options here.

  • Downtown parking of vehicles such as equipment trucks and crew trailers may require a special parking permit by Denison Parking. Contact Denison Parking by calling (239) 337-3338 or emailing Maureen Coughlin at mcoughlin@denisonparking.com.

  • The Fort Myers Film Office suggests, however, that even if you believe your shoot does NOT require a permit, please contact Janet Cole to find out if there are any conflicting special events or other film shoots scheduled for your intended locations at the time of your shoot. Please contact Janet at jcole@cityftmyers.com or call her at (239) 321-7529.

    Submitting a Permit Request, Accompanying Documents, and Fees

    Asking for a Film Permit Request Form

    Email Permit Request Form to be emailed a blank film permit request form (jcole@cityftmyers.com). You may also request this form via telephone by calling Janet Cole at (239) 321-7529. Film permit forms are part of the Fort Myers Special Event permit application.

    Submitting a Permit Request, Accompanying Documents, and Fees

    Permit Request Due Dates
  • Permit requests requiring Road Closures must be submitted
        a minimum of 30 Days prior to the shoot

  • Permit requests that do NOT require Road Closures must be submitted
        a minimum of 5 Working Days prior to the shoot

        To apply for your permit, submit your original completed film permit request form,
        liability insurance certificate, and $25 fee together — details are below.

    Info Required to Complete your Permit Request Form
  • Location of shoot
  • Proposed dates/times of shoot
  • Size of film crew
  • Parking needs
  • Need for traffic control (some downtown roads have fire safety caveats during filming;       see map for details)
  • Need for police or fire personnel
  • Any other City services required
  • Liability Insurance Certificate
    Every production working within the City Fort Myers must provide a copy of their liability insurance certificate. The insurance certificate must name the City of Fort Myers as an additional insured.

    Permit Cost
  • Permits cost $25, due when the permit request form is submitted.
  • Films, commercials, and photo shoots requiring police or fire personnel will incur
        additional costs. If street closures are needed, there will be an additional cost for
        barricade installation and traffic police. Costs for these services will be determined on
        a shoot-by-shoot basis. These additional fees will be billed prior to your shoot.

    Regional Filming Permits

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    For film permits for areas outside the actual City of Fort Myers, Florida, City Limits, contact the film offices/commissions below. These areas include but are not limited to Fort Myers Beach, Lehigh Acres, North Fort Myers, Tice, unincorporated Lee County, etc.

    Lee County Area

    Lee County Film Office
    (Filming within Lee County, Florida — unincorporated & municipalities without film commissions)

    Contact: Jackie Rodriguez, Administrative Specialist, Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau
    Phone: (800) 237-6444 or (239) 338-3500
    Email: jrodriguez5@leegov.com
    Website: www.fortmyers-sanibel.com

    Boca Grande
    (Filming in the Village of Boca Grande)

    Contact: Wesley Loche, Executive Director, Boca Grande Chamber
    Phone: (941) 964-0568
    Email: info@bocagrandechamber.com
    Website: www.bocagrandechamber.com

    Cape Coral
    (Filming in the City of Cape Coral)

    Contact: Connie Barron, Public Information Director, Cape Coral Economic Development Office
    Phone: (239) 574-0448
    Email: cbarron@capecoral.net
    Website: www.capecoral.net

    Surrounding Counties

    Southwest Florida Film Commission
    (Filming in Collier County/City of Naples, City of Marco Island, and the Everglades)

    Contact: Maggie McCarty, Film Commissioner; Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention & Visitor's Bureau
    Phone: (239) 659-3456
    Email: maggie@shootinparadise.com
    Website: www.shootinparadise.com

    Charlotte County
    (Filming in Charlotte County/City of Englewood, City of Port Charlotte, and City of Punta Gorda)

    Contact: Jerry Jones, Director of Film and Digital Media, Charlotte Harbor Visitor & Convention Bureau
    Phone: (941) 690-0791
    Email: jerry.jones@charlottecountyfl.gov
    Website: www.charlotteharbortravel.com

    Highlands County
    (Filming in Highlands County/City of Avon Park, City of Sebring, Town of Lake Placid)

    Contact: Dana Knight, Film Commissioner, Highlands County Visitor Convention Bureau
    Phone: (800) 545-6021
    Email: tdc@highlandscvb.com
    Website: www.visithighlandscounty.com

    State Property, State Roads, or Federal Property Permits

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    The State of Florida may require a permit for locations that they own or maintain, including state roads, state parks, or State of Florida buildings that are not governed by a municipality such as the City of Fort Myers. Filming on Federal Property requires contacting the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Multimedia far in advance of the project to begin the lengthy process of obtaining permission. For more information, please review the resources at this link and click on the "Permitting" tab.

    Contact Info:
    Fort Myers Film Office
    1400 Jackson Street, Suite 102, Fort Myers FL 33901
    Phone: (239) 321-7101 - Alt. Phone (239) 321-7099
    Email: filmfortmyers@gmail.com